New Zealand can deliver on a 1.5ºC future

To achieve this, transportation in New Zealand must be largely decarbonised by 2030.

Our current transport system no longer meets our needs.

By 2030 our transport system will be safe, healthy, accessible to all, resilient and decarbonised.

The 1point5 Project is a not-for-profit founded to focus and amplify the voices of those targeting a 1.5ºC world.

We help focus New Zealander's efforts with our research identifying New Zealand's most pragmatic 1.5ºC compliant pathway.
We amplify voices by providing communicators with a robust understanding of New Zealander's climate change sentiment with our 'Six New Zealands' research.

In the videos below and the supporting resources you'll hear our climate narrative.
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Climate change is here

Climate change is already harming kiwis and this will only get more severe over the next one to two decades. Learn more…

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We can't afford to exceed 1.5ºC

To avoid the worst consequences, the world must do everything it can to stay within a 1.5ºC temperature increase from pre-industrial times. Learn more…

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Transform transport by 2030

To do our bit in maintaining temperature increase below 1.5ºC, New Zealand must decarbonise road transportation by 2030. Learn more…

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Focus personal efforts

In New Zealand the most effective thing you can personally do today is change your transport behaviours, vote for transport transformation, and contact decisions makers to demand a transport system that meets our needs by 2030. Learn more…

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Transport in 2030

Here’s how we might decarbonise transport by 2030 and save billions.

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Drive change using data

Our original research on climate change sentiment in New Zealand can help shape communications for those wishing targeting climate change engagement and action. Learn more…